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    вязание вендулка In KnitCrate, Review

    Hi my dears,

    do you read the title? Yes, January KnitCrate came - tralalalala :-) Let's open it with me and take a look, what is hidden inside.

    The topic of January KnitCrate is:

    ★ N A T U R E    S T U D Y ★

    The colors are perfect. They looks like a foggy morning :-) That was my first though, when I saw them. The shades really suits to Januray from my point of view. I am always so suprise with the colors of the KnitCrates!

    Take a closer look with me

    The fibers are consists of 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon. Do you remember my November KnitCrate review? The yarns are really very similiar at the first touch.

    You will get 400 yards / 100 grams per skein - it means 200 g of the yarn totally, for the total reatil value 63 USD, for amazing price 24,99 USD (two digital patterns included). This is the perfect deal!

    Well, I really like the texture of this yarn. It is produced by Audine Wools and they are dyed exclusively for KnitCrate. The colors are gorgeous. I found two shades in my package: Dry Leaves and Breathless. They fit to each other and make intersting look together. 

    Speaking about the designs, there are two patterns in this kit, one knitted and one crocheted. As always, very clever idea :-) 

    Crochet designer Tian Connaughton designed beautiful Chasmanthe Shawl and offer also 15 % off at Tian's ravelry patterns store. It is very nice of you, thank you!

    And second beautiful pattern is designed by knit designer Melinda Measor and it's name is Sunset. Both patterns are digital, you will get the code for downloading. So quick and no wasting of the paper - that's I like :-)

    My summary 

    Easy, easy - I like this kit. It perfectly fits to January mood. If you like it too, pick your KnitCrate here now, the January kit is available to the end of the January. They have many types of subscription e.g. by the month (a one-time purchase), 3-months, or even a full years etc. and with my unique code MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. It sounds great, right? I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission.

    But to tell you the true, I will reccommend it no matter of the commission :-). I like KnitCrate - whole concept. Every month it is so funny to open my kit and try the yarn, I would never ever have the chance to try. Because you know, there are so many yarns and the exclusive yarns and really expensive and KnitCrate has always prepared for us the super deal!

    Thank you very much for reading, my dears :-)

    In amigirumi, crochet

    Sometimes, it is so hard to express the feelings, right? So don't be shy, my dears and tell it!

    I  LOVE  YOU 

    Crochet Valentine's Owl by Vendula Maderska

    Wouldn't be this shy owl perfect as Valentine's gift?

    Crochet Valentine's Owl - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

    The pattern is ready if you are interested. You can find it HERE

    Crochet Valentine's Owl - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

    And because you are often asking me for the yarn, I am using, I prepared the creative kit for making exactly this shy gently owl :-). You can buy it HERE in my small yarns shop. But if you would like to get other colors - I am here for all wishes - well, for most of all :-)

    Crochet Valentine's Owl - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

    If I give you my heart, would it be safe? This is that question, right? Sometimes, we have to take all courage, give the heart to someone and believe, that it will be in safe place. And maybe we fail, and it will hurt, but what if we will not fail? What if it will last forever? Sometimes, we have to be brave... ♥

    Crochet Valentine's Owl - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

    ....... ♥....... 

    In life, new year

    Hi my dears,

    how are you in new year? I hope, that very well! :-)

    The new year started already, full of awaiting, resolutions, little fear maybe? But we have to be brave and fight with all what comes, right? :-) So I wish you again, you will be brave and live with the passion in love in your heart to others and to yourselves also ♥

    As every January, I opened my diary and I am a little bit nostalgic :-) This year I opened wonderful Happy Planner I get from my beloved friend Katka. Thank you so much!

    What an great rubbers!

    Speaking about the gifts. My new year started by the second Christmas :-) I get wonderful gifts from my friends Josie and Katka and Sarka. Thank you so so so much ♥ I was so surprised and moved and felt soooo spoiled. You are amazing, giiiiirls ♥ ♥ ♥

    I will not be boasting so much, but I have to share with you my happiness, because only knitters or crocheters will understand.

    From my Josie from Holland

    So many yummies and yaaaarn! ♥ Did you ever tried Holland bisquits? OMG! 

    Josie also crochet lovely items, so if you would like to visit her shop, click HERE

    My personal heaven - welcome in!

    And the next day... from my dearest Katka

    Natural lines :-)

    Colorful line :-)

    And something for joy from Sarka :-)

    Thank you very much, my dear girls again ♥. You made a smile on my face and brought the happiness in my heart! I promise, that I will try to design something beautiful using these treasures. I am grateful for the friends I have. Thanks crocheting I knew so many amazing souls. And I am so thankful for them. This is blessing! 

    So with the courage and open heart to the next year, my dears ♥

    Crochet patchwork heart pattern

    ....... Thank you for reading.......

    In arm knitting, blanket

    Hi, my dears, 

    are you trying new materials and new techniques in your work? Last year - there were puffs, well - I like them very much, they are really cool, but personally, for me, it is exhausting for my hands to work with t-shirt yarn, I only make the small baskets. And this year there is a  new trend - the huge blankets made from width yarn and arm knitting. 

    My sister wanted the blanket/cover to the baby carriage for her new baby, so I decided, that I will try, what everybody sees on it :-)  I bought the yarn on E-bay. There are a lot of sellers who offer it. 

    I bought 100% acrylic yarn, but lately, I noticed that they are also using 100% Merino Wool yarn, or the mixture of the wool and cashmere etc. Maybe next time I would buy Merino yarn or that mixture with cashmere to compare it. 

    Anyway, as the cover, I think that acrylic yarn would be OK.

    I was looking for some tutorial and this came to me accidentally, but I was very satisfied with it :-) You could take a look HERE. Thank you, Paty! No need to know any foreign language, you will see pretty clearly, what you have to do. 

    My sweet honey supervisor with me again ♥

    It was really funny and quick project. I really recommend it for beginners!

    The dimension of the blanket I made was about 60 cm width and 80 cm long and I used about 720 g of yarn. Well, it was my first touch with this type of yarn and I am pretty sure, that not the last. 

    Did you already try this yarn and this type of arm knitting? Just write me your notes and reflections :-) I would like to make the bigger blankets for my girls, useful notes would be perfect :-).

    .......... ♥.......... 

    In KnitCrate, Review

    Hi, my dears,
    so how are you spending these special Christmas time? There is always so many preparations before and then it comes the over so quickly. Anyway, I love that magical Christmas time ♥
    Finally, I had time to unravel my KnitCrate, with the poetical theme:

    L I T T L E   V I L L A G E

    Lovely yarn in such a trendy color, just take look at color with me

    This Peruvian Highland wool by La Brebis in the colorway Storm

    It is natural wool of the raw fibers.

    Just make a ball.

    And I could choose from two cool patterns from the KnitCrate kit. I could choose if I will use the hook or needles. 

    The knitting pattern was designed by Emily Johannes named the Tempest Hat

    Crochet pattern was designed by Carla Brady named the Frost Flower Cowl

    Both patterns are beginners friendly, written in standard US terms, available in digital form. There is the sale coupon 10% Off for my next purchase in Emily's Ravelry Store. Thank you very much! :-)

    My summary:

    Every time, I open the KnitCrate it is a surprise to me, so the December kit was also. Every yarn is different and also the pattern. The colorway of the yarn in the December KnitCrate is cool and trendy. You will get 200 g/120 yards of the yarn. It is pure, raw, natural colored yarn. Something special, right? It is quite expensive, so get 200 g of yarn and two patterns for 24.99 USD in total, that is fine. They have many types of subscription so you could pick your most favorite and with my unique code MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. I don't know, if you too, but I like the sale codes :-)

    I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission. December KnitCrate is available to the end of the December, so you have still the time to subscribe. 

    OK, I have no other words to say, just: I am ready :-)

    Thank you very much for reading, my dears! 

    Happy Christmas time to youuuu :-)

    .............. ♥ ..............


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